Recycle shopping bag

Non-woven fabric is a kind of new environmental friendly material, it is air permeable, high tensile strength, flame resistance, water repellent & easy to dissolve into the soil. is the most popular material for making the recycle bags nowadays.

Apart from making recycle bag, non-woven fabric can also made different type of tote bags, gift bags, wine bags, drawstring bags, lunch box bags, cosmetic bags, foldable bags and garment bags. Customers can choose any sizes and colors they want. Also, companies can print their logos on each bag which give a great way for promoting the company. Besides, we have lamination non woven bag and ultrasonic recycle bag (thermal bonding recycle bag).  

Our recycle bags are suitable for retailers, exhibition, promotion,
product packing and various kinds of purposes.
There are many benefits of recycle bags:

-  Environmental friendly
-  Improve company's image
-  Washable and reusable
-  Great idea for promoting the business
-  Low cost and superior looking
-  Flexible shapes and colors
-  Fit various needs
-  Easy carrying & foldable             

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